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35mm Slide Scanning Service Perth

Stop the ageing process and preserve those precious memories with the best 35mm slide scanning service located in Perth!

Do you remember moments with friends looking at what is now referred to as ‘classic slides’ being projected onto a screen? Perhaps you’re thinking about all those times you viewed slides of holidays, family moments, and time with friends? Often referred to as “slide night” it was a perfect excuse to invite friends and family around for a night in.

Did you know those slides you cherish so much age over time? Even when you think you’ve stored your slides correctly and provided the upmost care in maintaining them, simple fluctuations in heat or cold can speed up the ageing process. Exposure to dust, moisture, and insects can cause further damage to your slides resulting in staining, fading, and brittleness.

If you’re on the search for a company with a convert slides to digital service, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll keep your memories alive for many generations to come.

What We Do

Are you spending countless hours typing into your search engaging ‘35mm slide scanning service near me’? Look no further! It’s important you engage only experts to convert your slides to digital photos using specialised equipment and treatments. The slightest wrong move could damage your slides forever! Don’t been roped in by cheap alternatives that fail to deliver optimal results with low quality sensors and poor lighting.

Here at Scan Ur Pics we understand the sentimental value in preserving your slides. Our team of professionals come backed by extensive experience using state of the art equipment to ensure the best digital result.

Scan Ur Pics uses advanced equipment and treatments which includes colouring, rotating, cropping, sharpening, and red eye correction. We also have a bulk convert slides to digital service exporting your slides to a digital finish tailored to the specific requirements of each customer.

Why Should Hire US

As your preferred 35mm slide scanning service we will bring you the best digital results saved in a cloud folder for easy access on any device. We pride ourselves in treating your slides with absolute care using specialised equipment and tools, along with custom built storage facilities to protect them whilst in our care.

Our unique bulk photo scanning service is unlike any other. Using state-of-the-art scanning technology and equipment allows us to convert your slides quickly and efficiently without compromising quality.

What You Should Do to Hire Us

When using our 35mm slide scanning service there are a few things you can do to ensure the best possible care of your slides before they reach us.

Unlock Our Best Scanning Sale
  • We ask you to number each slide if you would like these processed in a particular order.
  • Naming each slide will help us accurately name the digital file.
  • Where possible arrange slides so they all face the same direction.
  • If posting, ensure your slides are adequately packaged. This includes protecting them from moisture in watertight bags, and ensuring there is adequate padding to protect them from excessive movement.

Please talk to our team if you have any questions or specific requirements regarding our convert slides to digital service. We’d love to hear from you!