How to Safely Preserve Old Photos

We all love to save precious memories and pass them on to the next generation. However, preserving old family photos is not an easy job. Even though most of us have stored your photos in a safe area or an album, time will eventually cause the photo’s condition to deteriorate. This damage is inevitable and irreversible which is why we need to find the best way to save those precious papers.

Besides the general passage of time, there are times that can hasten the degradation of photos. When a disaster such as a heavy storm, tornado or even a fire happens to our place, nothing we do will be able to bring back the living proof of our memories. Memories are lost and forgotten if we cannot relive them by seeing the photos with our eyes. That is why we need to think about preserving our memories in a brand-new way. With the help of an image scanning service Perth, it is possible to use technology to save the past and allow yourself to see the photos and share them anytime and anywhere at the best prices photo scanning service

Due to the globalised nature of our world, you may know lots of people who live in places besides Perth. You may have an auntie who resides in Sydney, one uncle who has retired and lives in in Thailand, or a cousin who is studying in London. This is no problem because you can still enjoy the memories together despite living so far apart. Distance and time barrier won’t be a matter anymore. However, preserving the original form of the memory itself is also important. Here are some tips on how to preserve the photos safely.

Tips for Preserving Old Photos

  1. Storage Environment

Ideally, you should keep the photographs in a cool, dry area with a stable temperature. Store it in a room with temperature below 23 degrees Celsius, the cooler the better. Avoid storing it in a damp or hot place such as the basement, garage, or attics. A damp room could lead to photos becoming mouldy or sticking together. Meanwhile, temperatures above 23 degrees Celcius can quickly lead to photo discolouration.

  1. Control the Humidity

You can put the photographs in an area with a stable temperature like a bedroom. However, photographs are also sensitive to humidity. Place some silica gels in the storage to keep it dry.

A shoebox is quite a common storage location for old photos. It may seem to be a practical option, but a cardboard shoebox is rather susceptible to dampness. Rather than choosing cardboard, perhaps you should consider getting a more durable plastic box.

  1. Minimise the Light Exposure

Direct exposure to sunlight or artificial light for a long time can cause the colour in old photographs to fade. The older the photo, the more susceptible it is to light exposure. You can keep it in the closet or cabinet, or even under the bed to avoid this.  

  1. Keep Them Away from Bugs

This is another reason why storing the photos in a plastic box is better as bugs cannot eat away at the plastic. Seal the box and make sure to dust regularly. While cleaning the box, you can check the photos and ensure nothing has slipped in and is hiding among the photos.

  1. Acid-Free Framing

If you are displaying the photographs in the house, you need to read this tip. Use acid-free mat and backboard for the framing as a suitable option to keep the image from deteriorating. Also, choose a shady area with no direct light exposure to display the photograph.

Consider getting it digitised with an image scanning service Perth if you are framing a precious photograph. This way you can display the copy, while preserving the original one for a longer time.

  1. Handle It Gently

Keep all food and drinks away when you are looking through a photo collection. Place it on a dry table in a shady area. For particularly delicate photos you may want to use a pair of gloves made of 100% cotton to keep the photos from oily hands. If you don’t have gloves on hand you can make sure to only hold the edge of the photos as an alternative.


When preserving old photographs, time and patience are what you need. You shouldn’t take shortcuts when it comes to saving old photographs.  However, not everyone has time to give their memories the attention they need. That is why professional services are available to help you digitise the images. Kindly contact Scan Ur Pics team to take advantage of the best image scanning service Perth.