Room Decoration Ideas with Polaroid Photos

room decoration ideas with polarid photos

Polaroid Corporation were pioneers when it came to instant photography. Invented by an American scientist, Edwin Land, they created a viable instant camera using self-developing film that instantly printed the image on paper shortly after you took the picture. Their first camera, the model 95 Land Camera, was put on sale at Jordan Marsh (Boston) before Christmas 1948. Polaroid has had its ups and downs throughout the decades, but in the past few years, it has slowly been regaining popularity among those who are keen to experience analogue photography. Polaroid cameras have a very distinct style which can allow you to explore more creativity, techniques and ideas to generate unique photos. 

Have a bunch of polaroid pictures in a box but don’t know what to do with them? We have several creative ideas for you to help bring your old memories back to life and create a warm and cosy aesthetic. But unfortunately, polaroid photos are prone to deterioration. To avoid this, it’s best to contact our team at Scan Ur Pics – as a top photo scanning service company – so you can display the photos without worrying about losing the picture quality due to age as you will have them stored in a digital format. Here are some creative ways to decorate your room with Polaroid photos:

DIY Decoration with Polaroid Photos

1. Polaroid in a Frame

Upcycle your old, unused photo frames to create an appealing display for your Polaroid. What you need to prepare is a wooden frame, eye pin screws, wire or string to hang the Polaroid, small wooden clothespins, a pencil, a ruler and a hammer. Using a frame as a display, you can organise your polaroid photos neatly with a chic and polished look and repaint the frame with your preferred colour to match the room’s vibe.

2. Simple Wall Hang

This is a simpler version of the frame display than the first one which will need all the requirements from the explanation above except the frame. Just screw the eye pin to the wall or you can tie the string on other objects for an easier way to display those pictures adorably above your desk or bed. Use the clothespins to hang your photos on the string. Ta-da! The Polaroids are ready to make your room more vibrant.

3. Wall Mural

Don’t let all of your polaroid photos just pile up in a box inside your drawer, put them on display to brighten the room with your precious memories. A Polaroid mural might be the solution as it’s super easy to make. All you need is a washi tape or painter’s tape (basically any tape that can be removed without leaving residue or damaging the wall) to stick the Polaroid photos to the wall. Now you can display a lot of photos and arrange it the way you want.

4. Polaroid on Cork Board or Wire Board

For an aesthetic memo look, you can use corkboard or wire board to display your Polaroid photos. If you choose to display them on a corkboard, push pins are the best method to ensure make them stick on the board. However, this method might potentially damage the photos slightly. Another safer method is to display it on the Wire Board and hang it with the small wooden clothespins.

5. Polaroid on String Lights

Looking for a magical or romantic themed decoration for your room? Using string lights will do the trick. The string lights bring a warm vibe to the room, making it cosier and more intimate. To add to the magic, hang the Polaroid photos of you and your family on the string light to bring the magical moments captured in the photos to life. You only need wooden clothespins to arrange and hang everything neatly. Don’t forget to choose the small pins to avoid damaging the string lights.

6. Polaroid Hanging on Christmas Tree

This idea is a great choice for the festive season. Hang family pictures from years past on the Christmas Tree using only a paper hole punch and small string. With this idea, your Christmas centrepiece will look livelier because of the many happy and precious family memories surrounding you. Even though last Christmas is well and truly behind us, this display is still applicable year-round if you have another artificial tree inside the home.


Have you decided which display ideas you’d like to try? Whichever it is, be creative and feel free to create your own dreamy polaroid display! Don’t forget to take care of your photos wisely because those are precious memories that can easily deteriorate. Look for photo scanning service near me in google search and you will find Scan Ur Pics as one of the providers of professional photo scanning. We are a digitalisation service that you can rely on. Call us on 0434 043 212 to get assistance from our experts.