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Convert Old Photos to Digital Service

Make your old images last forever with our high-quality photo scanning service in Perth. Your images are special snapshots into your life and the life of your loved ones, so their value only increases as they age. Older pictures provide insight into the legacy of our family but exposure to things like sunlight, moisture, dust, and even touch can result in deterioration. The best way to protect your precious memories and increase their longevity is by making them digital.

Photo scanning is one of the best ways to convert old photos to digital as our service ensures that a controlled environment in provided wherein the image is flattened to prevent any curling or bending. Although this might be done in a DIY setting, using a professional service like Scan Ur Pics can help streamline the process and ensure high quality results. You and your memories deserve no less.

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How does it work?

The process is incredibly simple! You give us your images and we will convert the old photos to digital with our service. There is no need to do any sorting; all you need to do is count them up so that you know how many you want scanned. Then, you can just send them to our professional photo scanning service in Perth.

When packaging, place all your loose photos into a parcel and send it to us. We strongly advise that you use a registered delivery service such as Australia Post and make sure that it has tracking and needs to be signed for. Alternatively, use a reputable courier service that you can trust. We will send a confirmation once the package arrives.

Once we receive your photos, we will scan, crop and rotate the images and save them all in a JPEG digital format. You will receive an email update when this happens. If requested, you will be emailed a Dropbox link which will contain the digital versions of your photos so you can enjoy them right away. Otherwise, your original photos will be returned to you within a couple of working days along with a USB drive containing your new digital images.

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Why choose us?

Your memories are important, so make sure that they receive the best care by choosing Scan Ur Pics, the best photo scanning service in Perth.

At Scan Ur Pics, our team provides a professional convert old photos to digital service. We are well versed in the process of digitisation and can ensure higher quality results and a faster, more efficient process than would otherwise be possible. Our service is also highly affordable. For more information about our scanning package check out our prices list.

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