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Basic photo scanning service prices – 24c per photo

Just send in your loose photographs and our capable team at Scan Ur Pics will scan and give you the best photo scanning service price, rotate and crop them (not in any particular order) and then save them all with the file as your Surname. The standard resolution is 600dpi and a USB drive holding the newly digitised images are included in the price.

If you are thinking about how much does the photo scanning service cost? There are numerous aspects to think about photo scanning service cost, it depends on the size, resolution of the digital files, format, organization as well as whether you need skilled technicians. Right here additional photo scanning service price and extras :

  • $2 per folder allocation
  • 7c extra per b side of photo
  • 34c per 1200dpi photo
  • $15 per spare USB
  • 39c per document
  • 50c per slide/negative

Check out our photo scanning products page for other best value deals.

Per Photo Calculation (cent)
1 - 999 x0.24c
1000 - 2499 x0.22c
+2500 x0.20c


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