What is the Best Negative Scanner for 35mm Negatives?

If you are professional photographers or person who love took photos back in the day to capture happy and great moments may have stacks or several 35mm negatives somewhere in a closet. If you still have these negatives, now it’s the best time to get them out of storage, because the quality will decrease if you keep them longer. This is because they evoke great memories. Color shifting and age deterioration are one of the main reasons why you need to begin scanning 35mm slides or negatives. When you purchase a negative photo scanner, it would be best to seek recommendations or advice from a friend or family member or check online reviews from unbiased sites.

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Negative Scanner

Kodak Scanza

One of the best negative scanners for 35mm negatives is the Kodak Scanza which is highly user-friendly. The negative scanner will scan your photo negatives fast and efficiently. This 35mm scanner is easy to use since it does not require any software to run it. The scanner is affordable and efficient since you can scan different or variety of film sizes. The scanner has a certain low degree of image quality but an excellent scanner for an amateur who wants to scan their photo negatives efficiently and fast.

Epson Perfection V550

This is a more flatbed scanner that offers you excellent quality scans for your 35mm negatives. This scanning equipment has a maximum resolution of 12800 dpi and requires a computer for its functionality. This photo flatbed scanner offers automatic multi-frame scanning and good-quality scans. This scanner is added benefit since its price is affordable and will help you accomplish your photo scanning project quickly and efficiently.

Plustek OpticFilm 8100 Film Scanner

This is one of the best scanners with 7200 dpi optical resolution. Its light sources give an image more precise color quality with less power consumption. The scanner has two one-touch buttons making it more efficient for sharing websites, including Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa. The scanner features an easy-to-transport size and custom carrying bag that protects the scanner from dust and other elements when not in use.

Wolverine Data 8-in-1 HD Film to Digital Converter

This is a smooth and fast scanner that uses speed load adapters for each format of negative or slide. The scanner then converts and stores the images in either the optimal SD memory card or internal memory. Additionally, users can connect the scanner to a mini-USB port, directly to a TV screen over HDMI, or a computer. The scanner can be easily powered through a USB connection and has speed load adapters that help in instantly loading film slides and strips.

How to scan negatives

You should use the best negative scanners like the ones mentioned above to scan your negatives. Whatever method you use or the negative scanner you choose, you would want to remove any dust and the important thing is you have to avoid adding fingerprints on the negatives before scanning them. If you are going to scan negatives by yourself, it’s best to ensure that you have nitrile or white cotton gloves, a compressed can of air, and a lens of cleaning tissue. If you select a lower quality, keep in mind to dedicate more time to retouching scratches or dust and color correcting with a photo editor application program.

Hire a professional

If you have thousands of negatives, you may want to get them digitized by a professional scanning provider that has professional and efficient equipment at their fingertips. You may also require a provider that can convert negatives to digital service efficiently. The photo scanner that we use at Scan Ur Pics can generate quality results and is above the quality of the available scanners in the market. If you have any negatives, we will be ready to offer our quality services and produce superior results.

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