How to Capture Memorable Family Photography

How to Capture Memorable Family Photography

Family photography captures special moments with those you love the most and allow you to immortalise precious moments for generations. However, capturing the perfect moment is not as easy as it seems for a range of reasons. Perhaps some of the family members are just too shy or others are a bit too stiff in front of the camera. Here are some great tips you can follow to help you capture memorable family photography.

Arrange a perfect composition for your family portrait

1. Make the Photo More Dynamic

No one wants to have a boring family photograph. Everyone standing or sitting in a straight line will make your picture looks boring. Try altering the positioning to make it looks more dynamic.

One way to do this is by imagining there is a line between each person then position everyone in a diagonal line, with nobody standing or sitting on the same level. Use the surrounding objects to pose with and arrange each person to pose in different heights.

2. Let Kids Express Themselves

Let them have some fun expressing their feeling before and during the photo session. Bring their favourite books or toys, so they can have fun and feel relaxed. Don’t force them to stand still or sit, let them run around or you can join to play with them for a while which will be a more authentic moment to capture. Conversely, if they are in a cooperative mood and are able to sit for a while, that is a great time to capture a photo as well!

3. Get the Right Angle 

You may think it’s impossible to satisfy every person in the group photo with the result, but you can definitely reach a result that is acceptable for everyone. There is always a situation where some people may think they look fat no matter how good the lighting is. The trick is how to get the correct photo angle by following these tips:

  • If a person has a larger bottom half: Avoid poses ‘walking away’ from the camera with a wide-angle lens.
  • If a person has a double chin: Minimise the chin or neck area by taking shoot slightly higher than the camera angle or shoot a bit higher than the model’s eye level.
  • For those who are not confident in their weight: Lie down in the grass and create the pile-up pose. The parents can lie on the grass with the kids piling upon them. It will work well since it hides the most of the body part, stretch the chin and show the kids’ faces closer.

4. Make it Fun

Last but not least, you need to relax. Have some fun by posing with a silly expression. You can jump, make goofy faces or anything, a few whacky shots at the end of the photo session won’t harm anyone and will lighten up the mood by allowing you to throw jokes around and laugh together. It will make the whole family feel better after taking many pictures. 

Old Family Portrait VS New Family Portrait

Family photographs are a beautiful gift, not just to yourself but to the next generation as well. That’s why you need to take care of all your family photos including the old ones. By using a quality photo scanning service Perth when digitising your old family photographs, you can share it easily with other family members.

The family bond is an essential part of life. Having quality time with family is an important moment you should treasure. Time flies so fast, so make sure you preserve every moment in the photograph. Don’t forget to recapture your precious family moments regularly which can be done easily with a smartphone! Check out our latest smartphone photography guide here.


A family gathering will always be the best moment to take a family photograph. Whether you’re recreating old photos or making new memories, be sure to treasure the moment! If you need any help digitising old family photographs, you may contact Scan Ur Pics for excellent photo scanning service prices and expert assistance.